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While offering help to companies affected by the devastation of September 11 is a great philanthropical project, different companies will do it this in many different ways. A few CIOs discussed suggestions and concerns about how we can accommodate various companies. Here's a sample of their thoughts:

Public or Private Listings - Some may not want their company listed but are more than willing to help. For this reason, if requested, we may list a company only as a number and will act as a third party to match companies.

Consulting - Several companies lost all their staff and must rehire while rebuilding. Experienced professionals are needed. There are many in retirement or between projects who can offer a short term solution. Perhaps staff who is on a project postponed can be available as a consultant.

Equipment - Any systems not being used to capacity? How about sharing? With changes in business, there is always up-to-date equipment available immediately - great for rebuilding quickly! 

Price - There are goods and services a company may desire to offer as free while costs may prohibitative for other goods and services. Prices will be determined by the companies matched together. Remember, this is a time of a national emergency and not a time for profiteering.

Terms - Accounting Departments of many companies must be rebuilt requiring extra time for payment.

Priority - To rebuild established businesses quickly may simply require extra services such as giving priority to complete a project over unaffected companies. 

Transportation  -  Sending consultants to New York on short notice may require some help from the airlines. Also moving products from point A to point B can be a problem, especially between downtown Chicago and Downtown New York. Any unused space on trucks to keep traffic down?

In light of the recent tragedy and out of concern for all employees and families of the corporations affected, PTEK Holdings and its operating units (Voicecom, Xpedite and Premiere Conferencing) are committed to providing mission critical global communications and emergency data services for managing, dealing with and overcoming this tragedy.  PTEK Holdings will enable toll free conference bridges for use by all impacted corporations and government relief agencies.  Conference bridges can be immediately reserved by calling 800-xxx-xxxx.  The Ptek family is deeply saddened, and our hearts and thoughts go out to those who have lost loved ones.  For additional information on Voicecom, Xpedite and Premiere Conferencing offerings, go to  Certain limitations apply.  

The Intrac Group offers up to $100 million in alternative capital to qualifying companies and organizations that can be used to offset or reduce cash requirements for printing, advertising, shipping, construction, office equipment and supplies, and other products, services or media required to get companies and organizations back on track. Qualifying companies and organizations must be directly or indirectly affected by the 9/11 tragedy, and must have a significant immediate or ongoing spending requirement that will enable utilization of a minimum of $500,000 in alternative capital over the next 18 months. Address inquiries to Please specify your needs and requirements, the type of company or organization, and how you were affected by the horrific events of September 11th. All inquiries will be held in strictest confidence, and will be responded to immediately.

We are currently in the process of developing an online form to create a company database. Until this is online. please email to for information.

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