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While rebuilding after the devastation of September 11 is a great philanthropical project, different companies will do it this in many different ways. A few CIOs discussed suggestions and concerns about how we can accommodate various companies. Here's a sample of their thoughts:

Public or Private Listings - Some may not want their company listed but are more than willing to help. For this reason, if requested, we may list a company only as a number and will act as a third party to match companies.

Consulting - Several companies lost all their staff and must rehire while rebuilding. Experienced professionals are needed. There are many in retirement or between projects who can offer a short term solution. Perhaps staff who is on a project postponed can be available as a consultant.

Equipment - Any systems not being used to capacity? How about sharing? With changes in business, there is always up-to-date equipment available immediately - great for rebuilding quickly! 

Price - There are goods and services a company may desire to offer as free while costs may prohibitative for other goods and services. Prices will be determined by the companies matched together. Remember, this is a time of a national emergency and not a time for profiteering.

Terms - Accounting Departments of many companies must be rebuilt requiring extra time for payment.

Priority - To rebuild established businesses quickly may simply require extra services such as giving priority to complete a project over unaffected companies. 

Transportation  -  Sending consultants to New York on short notice may require some help from the airlines. Also moving products from point A to point B can be a problem, especially between downtown Chicago and Downtown New York. Any unused space on trucks to keep traffic down?

We are currently in the process of developing an online form to create a company database. Until this is online. please email to for information.

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