COMDEX/Spring 2000 IT Executive Symposium

In Partnership with the Chicago Research & Planning Group

April 17-20, 2000 - Hyatt - McCormick Place, Chicago

Keynote - Mike Malone, Editor, Forbes ASAP 


Sponsored by Forbes

e.Marriage – Brick ‘n Mortar, Click ‘n Order

Chair: Githesh Ramamurthy, President & CEO, CCC Information Services
Moderator: Carl Dill, Vice President and CIO, Time Warner, Inc.
Panelists: Wes Marsh, Attorney, Freeborn & Peters
Elizabeth Olig, President, e.Commerce Initiative, W.W. Grainger

Brick and Mortar companies are looking for varied ways to increase market penetration through new e.Business initiatives. As they are encumbered by time constraints that are unrealistic for in-house development staffs, they are increasingly willing to entertain partnering venues (e.g. Click ’n Order). These partnerships cut the cycle time dramatically from conceptual idea to full implementation (e.g. Bricks ’n Clicks).

e.Logistics – Delivery Models for e.Business

Chair: Don Saulic, CIO, North American Logistics Moderator: Jeff Groch, Director, Strategic Development, Syllogistics, LLC
Panelists: Lori Kesten, Director, Channels & Alliances, McHugh Software International
Robert Obee, Vice President and CIO, Roadway Express Inc.
Duncan Rarity, Senior Vice President, ACS,
Don Saulic, CIO, North American Logistics

Businesses need a logistics portal that is one-stop for all goods (perishables, furniture, etc…) to be picked up and delivered. The portal should allow for delivery using any mode (air, rail, sea, land, etc…) This solution should address the last 50 yards of product delivery. It should account for perishable goods and allow for 24 hour delivery to the purchaser.

COMDEX/Spring 2000 Keynote 

President Bill Clinton - 

The Digital Divide

for a link to a video or text to the President's speech, click here

e.Security - 
A Wake-up Call

Chair: Craig Swietlik, Ph.D., Group Manager, Information Sciences, Argonne National Labs Moderator: Gary Sarkesian, Principal, ShowCase Corporation
Panelists: Jim Healy, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Chicago Division
Roberto Medrano, General Manager, Internet Security Solutions, Hewlett Packard Company
Jim Ransome, Vice President, Security Operations and Services, Pilot Network Services, Inc.
Ken Stephens, Senior Security Manager, Computer Sciences Corporation

Corporate America does not cozy up to the notion of open admission to electronic intrusion. If they keep the crime a secret they are susceptible to subsequent attacks. If they publicly announce the intrusion they are susceptible to a shareholder vote of no confidence. What to do?

e.Millennium Awards – Evaluation, Discoveries & Best Practices

Chair: Douglas Hubbard
Moderator: John Ullrick, Executive Vice President, Information Technologies, Warrior Insurance Group, Inc.
Panelists: Kevin Williamson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Midwest Region, CMGI Solutions (formerly Tallan)
Adeel Ali, Senio Manager,
Jill Kancer, VP, Bank One
Mike McDougal,
Tony Lindmeier, Manager Rail Transportation Solution, GATX Rail Corporation
Ursula Schwuttke, CEO, High Tower Software
Victor Wolters, President (US Office), Powerserve, International

World-class e.Millennium Award Winners will cameo their applications focusing on the business value and technology excellence delivered to their companies. Their state of the art business solutions for B2B, B2C, or B2E will provide "been there, done that" insight to your e.Business initiatives. The Award analysis protocols will be covered. Doug Hubbard will describe a scientific method from Applied Information Economics ranking the entrants on e.Business value. Kevin Williamson of Tallán will discuss technology excellence.

e.Co-op – Procurement Aggregation, Barter Trade

Chair: Bill Welch, Senior Director, Global Strategic Sales, Oracle Corporation
Moderator: Denis Lambert, Vice President, e.Procurement, Technology Solutions Company
Panelists: Dr. M. Mintu Bachann, CIO, Equal
Bruce Kamm, CEO, Intertrade Technologies
Jeff McKibben, Program Manager, e.Procurement Strategy, Hewlett Packard Company
Bill Welch, Senior Director, Global Strategic Sales, Oracle Corporation

Are all businesses in search of economies of scale in purchases, business generation, and reduction of overhead? The answer should be a web-based solution that attracts business to all participants in the portal as well as integrates the operations of each to realize maximum savings through purchases.


e.Capital and e.Business Value

Chair: Jack Ross, Principal, Hubbard Ross, LLC
Moderator: Craig Bradley, Partner, Freeborn & Peters 
Panelists: Ellen Carnahan, Managing Director, William Blair Capital Partners
Lon Chow, General Partner, Apex Investment Partners
Jay Robert ("J.B.") Pritzker, Managing Director, William Blair New World Ventures

There is new e.Capital on the table (i.e. information and attention). A panel of Chief Information Officers and Venture Capitalists discuss the business case for e. Business development in this e.Millennium. Is CBA, ROI, NPV or EVA enough? You’ll gain a clearer vision, more advanced thinking, and a greater understanding of e.ways to enhance your • COM business case. Hubbard Ross, a pioneer in the mathematical quantification and measurement of IT benefits, converting intangibles to measurable tangibles, and quantifying the value of information will lead this lively discussion.

e.Business Partnering Summit
Brought to you by the Chicago Research and Planning Group

e.Business Partnering Summit Luncheon – "Bricks and Clicks"

Lunch Presentation: A Vision of e.Millennium Years 2001 and 2002
Bruce Guptil, VP Marketing, Tallán
Doug Rivard, Senior Vice President, Design and Development, Tallan
Dave Taylor, Partner, eMarket Holdings & Author

Bruce Guptil and Dave Taylor draw upon their background, experiences and extensive research to paint a picture of e.3Business over the next two years and how this new economic paradigm will effect your business. Be ready for the changes and stay ahead of your competition as well as your customer

e.Business Partnering Summit Roundtables 


The ensuing Summit will continue with multiple (CxOs, VCs, public relations and .com executives) will be positioned around tables with facilitators playing musical chairs every ½ hour. Topics as follows: Venture Capital, Marketing, Fulfillment, Front Office, Business Value, Legal, Security

The intent is to bring as many unique points of view to all participants. Each table will be arranged from individual profiles to enable synergy and opportunity.

The Chicago Research & Planning Group is a 200+ member organization of CIO's from in and around the Chicagoland area. CRPG symbolizes the voice of corporate America and its many uses of technology. Our members are a who's who of top information technology executives from the world's leading companies.



The Chicago Research & Planning Group is a 200+ member organization of CIO's from in and around the Chicagoland area. CRPG symbolizes the voice of corporate America and its many uses of technology. Our members are a who's who of top information technology executives from the world's leading companies.

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